RAPID Review| Klean Color Smokin’ Cream Eye Shadow

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Availability: KleanColor

Pricing: $2.99

What You Get:

  • 1 cream eye shadow

What It Is:
The special formula of Smokin’ Cream Eyeshadow is incredibly easy to apply and blend, which can be used an all over lid color, contour or highlight with subtle dramatic colors.


  • Clean, simple packaging
  • Great for beginners
  • Vibrant colors


  • Very patchy application
  • Short wear time
  • Creases
  • Not buildable
  • Only one true “matte” shade in the collection
  • Too soft of a consistency


I purchased these quite a while ago from my local beauty supply store just out of curiosity. I ended up only paying $1.49 I believe for each shade.

There are a variety of 15 shades to choose from, I purchased all shades except Lilac, Truffle, Verdigris and Honey Bee (because they weren’t available at my beauty supply store.)

The consistency of these cream eye shadows are quite soft, smooth and creamy. Now while that may not sound like a problem, the actual issue I had with these are that they are too creamy, almost to the point of being oily. When I first purchased these I decided to test them out as bases on an impromtu photoshoot. I applied an eye primer then used the shade Galaxy on the model, it glided on so smooth and effortlessy but right as I was about to start setting the cream with a matte black shadow, within a matter of minutes I began to noticed the product creasing. I set it with quite a lot of shadow to secure it in place but even the shadow and primer didn’t deter the creasing. After working with it a few more times I realized the trick is to apply a very small amount and set quickly with a powder shadow to prevent creasing.

These shadows have a little too much “slip” which causes the product to not grab on to the lid properly especially the shimmer and metallic shades, which brings me to my final point. I found that the majority of the shades were shimmers or metallics and applied rather streaky. The only shade that gives the best application and is the only “matte” shade is Galaxy.

Overall I think these are great for beginners and those who don’t plan on wearing their eye makeup for long periods of time.

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